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Faiz-E-Burhani Qardan Hasana Trust Committee Members

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SK HATIM BHAI MOGUL Contact: 9831010786 [email protected]
SK SHABBIR BHAI ARENPURWALA Contact: 9831640444 [email protected]
SK BURHANUDDIN MALIK Contact: 9331125908 [email protected]
Sk MANSOOR BHAI ZAKIR Contact: 9831012395 [email protected]
SK HASAN BHAI MAIMOON Contact: 9748621786 [email protected]
M.HUNAID BHAI MADRASWALA Contact: 9831040182 [email protected]
M. TAHER BHAI SOHANGPURWALA Contact: 9831254820 [email protected]
M.TAHER BHAI TOTANAWALA Contact: 9830050315 [email protected]
M.MURTAZA BHAI DHAMANGAMWALA Contact: 9831075916 [email protected]
M.SAIFUDDIN BHAI ZAKI Contact: 9830024765 [email protected]
SHABBIR BHAI LIMBDIWALA Contact: 9831208480, 9038520095 [email protected]
M.MOHAMMED BHAI ZAVERI Contact: 9831241525 [email protected]
ZAKIR BHAI LAKDAWALA Contact: 9831029862 [email protected]
ALI ASGAR BHAI CALCUTTAWALA Contact: 9831115289 [email protected]
MUFADDAL BHAI HANIF Contact: 9830633890 [email protected]
ALIASGAR BHAI KANTAWALA Contact: 9903338287 [email protected]

Saifee Masjid Contact Information

21, Pollock Street Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Pin – 700001

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